Thursday, March 6, 2014

More than four reasons why The Fab Four is timelessly fabulous

I live in the time where girls are screaming for cutiepie singers who dont actually sing nor make music. I cant play any music instruments, but I can feel which musicians that treat music as music and those who dont. Your works won’t lie.

Knowing that most (not all, yah..) women can do better seeing rather than listening, music producers always bring in and out new cute faces from time to time, like when I was in the elementary school, they brought Backstreet Boys, Westlife and now... Justin Bieber. Worst? Not yet. I dont know about other country, but in my country now, every girl I know must at least enjoy ‘bands’ of ‘boys’ with crazy hairstyles (that must cost higher than my hair treatment, while I am a woman) that sing while dancing TOGETHER and rarely perform live performance (of singing). 

Thankfully, my brother had doctrinized me with music of the legendary R.I.Ps  of music history since I was so young, even to pronounce and understand English words they used. But I’ve been accustomed to the melody, so I know which music I can/ will enjoy. Later, after learning English language, I’d been more amazed with the strengh and thoughfulness of their lyrics. This is why I am never in the same fans club with my friends. They can call me vintage, but once you’ve tasted the best, it’s hard to downgrade.

I cant lie that The Beatles ranks nomero uno in my heart. I can’t find one thing that makes this band not interesting. From every aspect, they have something that makes us want to dig about them more and more, even for their imperfection. 

God must love The Beatles so much and  too much. How come He gave too many talented people for one group! Usually, most band only have one oustanding member, not three! *sorry Ringo, I still like you though.

The music they produced is timeless. I was born 40 years after the group established, but I choose to listen to them rather than what today’s billboards told me. Do we still need other proof?? Well, someday I’ll play their songs to my future kids, then we’ll have more proofs.

To date, the Beatles have sold over 1 billion records. One billion. BILLION.

It is not only their music that timeless, but also their lyrics. And that is one of many ways that they keep fame. The Beatles has inspiring lyrics that make people re-evaulate their lives, and gave a peaceful way of listening. Till today they are still the best songwriting team ever existed. They make the songs that speak for their selves, self-explanatory. 

They made the songs that you never get tired of listening to. And most importantly, their songs always deliver. Their lyrics are not only about love, but also friendship, self-identity, history of the world, past and many other thoughtful themes. The songs of The Beatles always set off emotions in the listeners, whether they're sadness or happiness, sorrow or joy. Listening to their lyrics giggles me, it makes me wants to dig about the story behind every song. 

Doesnt stop there, these boys got the attitude. I watched and listened to their interviews, I like the way they responded to their fame. Their answers are as joyously thoughtful as their lyrics. Even with the “more popular than Jesus” thing, I still love them. 

Moreover, each personality of the member is different and interesting. It’s like the whole packgage of boys you’d love. There’s McCartney the genius-who-knows-he’s-genius perfectionist, Lennon the rebellious dreamer (and not the only one), Harrison.. oh, he’s my favorite! And the bad boy Ringo Starr. 

They experimented with music. If you listen from album to album, you’ll see how each album input other influences, this makes them always fresh from album to album. They’re not only making art with music, but also with the album covers, many of their album covers made history.
Most importantly, listening and reading about The Beatles are like learning about history. Because they didn’t only revolutionize music, but also culture. Even from their fashion that periodically changed, we can learn many things. 

I personally learnt English from many of The Beatles’ song. My junior school english teacher was the first who introduced Beatles for English teaching to me. I really enjoyed it as a kid because I liked the music and some of the songs are like story-telling, like Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da. I also like the way they play with words, like the tittle of Please, PLEASE me, that often misunderstood into “Please-please me”.

And as a normal female human being, I cant help to admit that, yeah, they’ve got the look. When they’re young.

It’s impossible to sum up The Beatles in just one writing, you need to look this up for yourself, man. One thing for sure, nothing and no one can beat the beat of The Beatles, yowh!

He's a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

Doesn't have a point of view
Knows not where he's going to
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
--Nowhere Man—

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What your Instagram posts say about you

One of many things that differs our era to our parents’ youth is that we are poured with self-expressing and—at the same time self-exposing—social  medias. This medias allow us to have two (or could be more) different lives, sometimes it can be used as a mean to fake life.

Years ago, by the emerge of blog, people were still likely to use words rather than photos. Facebook then surprised the world telling how fun it was to tag friends on your photos. Twitter came like heaven for those who were tired of long words. Later, here comes the invention of photo-sharing social networks to express our personality. Instagram has become incredibly popular over the past few years. The photo-sharing opportunity makes it almost impossible to resist.

A picture says a thousand words. How about tens or hundreds pictures that we post on Instagram, the leading photo-sharing media? It says A LOT about who we are, it reveals who we really are. So when you choose what to capture and how to filter to get the right effect, you’re not just composing a shot, you’re revealing who you are.

The category below is based on a non-expert observation of a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman who was feeling bored at the time so she decided to laugh at people including herself  So dont take offense to this, I’m also one of these people.

·         Landscape photos with poor photography skillls
You love nature and at the same time trying to be misterious. Sometimes, the real reason is that you, yourself, are not photogenic.

·         Photos of fabulous-looking foods
These people, they dont really eat the food they order. Sometimes it’s not even the food he/ she orders, but his/ her friends’.

·         Photos with check-in updates
Sometimes they just want to show off how mobile they are or it’s a hidden signal addressed for someone they want to be stalked with.

·         OOTD ( Outfit of the Day) photos
This is simply a personal popularity campaign. If lucky, you can be the next Hana Tajima and offered so many free endorsed stuffs. Who doesnt love free stuffs?

·         Selfie with duck lips
You just dont look good when smiling, trying to fool people that, “if my silly face is still beautiful, then my smiling face is over the edge!”. You’re just hallucinating.

·         Selfie with fake emotions, ( such as tears, screaming and other weirdo stuffs)
Have a pity on this people, they obviously are lonely desperated souls. They have no life.

·         A well-prepared selfie with creepy captions
A social needy. That’s it.

·         Photos with many people, but the people are always different from photo to photo
You are not really close to this people. It’s just the life you project.

·         Selfie with smiles
High self-confidence, duck lips fail you.

·         Photos of personal stuffs
Okay, what’s the point of buying cute stuffs without showing them off??

·         Photos of  the loved ones (family, BF/ GF, bestfriends, cute lil’ kids)
You’re just the one I want to be married to.

·         Celebrity photos
Die-hard fan??

·         Photos with philosophical quotes
Trying to look smart with the eyeglasses, huh?

·         Meme photos
Joker. Instagram is meant to be entertainment for you, not merely for popularity.

·         Photos of stuffs you sell
True enterpreneur.

·         Photos with knowledge
You love the idea of knowledge-sharing and propaganda

·         Photos with tons of hashtags
You want to be in the map, instagram map.

·         No post/ no photos
Either you’re a stalker or you’re just doing instagram wrong. Should I buy you an instagram manual?